Why is your water softener producing hard water?




A water softener is one of the modern equipment seen in most houses to produce soft water. After a few months, 50% of the people get hard water. But how? Is it a problem with the water softener or a problem we created? Obviously, before purchasing, we research them and finally buy them. Then what’s the reason! The reason behind this problem is the usage of salt. Yes, it is true. Read on this blog more to see how salt will affect water softeners and produces hard water.

Reasons that will impact salt usage in the water softeners:

You need to restore salt in the water softeners and track it. But it also depended upon a few reasons. The following are a few reasons:

The hardness of water supply:

The hardness of water will usually vary from region to region. So if the level of hard water is more in your area that will affect the resin beds. So you need to clean frequently and add sufficient salt from time to time. If it is not done, then it would result in producing hard water and also causes damage to your water softener.

Your usage of water:

If you prepare extra curry than usual then definitely you will extra salt. The same applies here. If there is any difference in the usage of water, then you need to add salt according to changes. If not, definitely your water softener will produce hard water.

Age and its brand:

One more important factor that will affect the water softener is its brand and age.  So it depends upon it you need to refill the salt. Better choose best brand water softener, i.e., droplet softeners by Sahara industry for long span without any troubling.

Top questions that will run in your brain for water softeners

What happens when we do not refill the sufficient salt?

Undoubtedly, it will produce hard water, and you will face many issues again with that water. Better refill correctly. Suppose if you do not eat food for one day, you lose your energy and cannot work the next day. The same applies to water softeners too.

Is water softener running out of salts affects badly?

Yes, it will badly damage the resin and also produces hard water.

How much salt will be sufficient to resin?

Adding salt to water always depends on the hardness of the water you’re getting and how much water you’re using per day.

What is the best solution for this issue?

Better opt for droplet automatic water softeners. It will automatically take sufficient salt and generate soft water correctly. It will not trouble resin, and you feel happy and relaxed.


I hope this blog clears you about why water softeners produce hard water. Always check the salt so it will work perfectly. If you do not have time to check, choose automatic water softeners. Also, you need to buy them from the best industry, i.e., the Sahara industry, for durability and to save money.