Manual Multiport Valve

Manual Multiport Valve

We offer clients a vast range of multiport valves(MPV) which are used for small and medium-size water treatment plants. MPV are made from wear-resistant high hardness ceramics that provide longer service life. Innovatively designed, easy to handle, they also provide excellent seal capability preventing internal leakage. By just clockwise and anticlockwise rotating of the handle, multiple functions can be performed such as filter backwash, rinse brine suction, and brine rinse.

MPV, offered by us, is manufactured from quality raw material that ensures longer service life. Our rangeis resistant to corrosion, high in strength and durable thus, widely used in hotels and resorts. By rotating the handle clockwise and anticlockwise, several functions can be performed such as rinse brine suction, filter backwash, and brine rinse.

Our wide range of MPV is designed for various filtration/softening applications. They provide excellent performance with a simple customer-friendly operation. A simple turn of the handle performs multiple functions like filtration, backwash, rinse, brine suction, and brine rinse. These valves are also aesthetically designed to give an excellent appearance to the final system.

Manual Multiport Valve SALIENT FEATURES

  • Inlet and outlet in the same line
  • Drain on the backside of the valve
  • Very easy to install
  • No bends in the interconnection pipe. Gives a very neat look to the plant.
  • Supplied with unions and high flow disc type top and bottom strainers.
  • Most user friendly

Special filters ensure enhanced flow in comparison to the other products available in the market. Our R&D team has successfully developed a special adhesive for bonding the plastics. The peel strength has been tested under working conditions and found to withstand in harsh environments. High grade virgin plastics have been developed exclusively from leading manufacturers specially for our application. Silicon Rubber spares are being used for critical areas so that the life of the product is highly enhanced. Easy to install and operate, the lift and turn mechanism enhances the life of the product. Deliberate Testing: Each and Every Valve is tested for more than 7 Bar (100PSI) Pressure



  • 20NB TOP Mount Filter
  • 25NB Top Mount Filter
  • 25NB Side Mount Filter
  • 40NB Top Mount Filter
  • 40NB Side Mount Filter
  • 50NB Side Mount Filter
  • 65NB Side Mount Filter


  • 20NB TOP Mount Softener
  • 25NB Top Mount Softener
  • 25NB Side Mount Softener
  • 40NB Top Mount Softener
  • 40NB Side Mount Softener
  • 50NB Side Mount Softener
  • 65NB Side Mount Softener

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