Digital Dosing Pump


Digital Dosing Pump

Digital Dosing Pump are positive displacement diaphragm metering pump operating at 230V, 50Hz supply. It is base mountable. Solenoid pushes the diaphragm which in turn pushes the liquid into the system. The solenoid is actuated by a solid-state electronic circuit. It has controls for the desired accuracy of  the dosing.

Digital Dosing Pump Diaphragm:

Superior diaphragm is designed to ensure to long life even under the most demanding applications. We are using imported quality Solid PTFE diaphragm.

Digital Dosing Pump Electronic Circuit:

State of the art electronic circuit (protectively coated with epoxy) is virtually unaffected by temperature, magnetic fields & other electric disturbances.

  • PP, PVDF, PTFE & SS316, Alloy20

High quality, the hot rated solenoid is designed to dissipate heat. Capacities & pressure do not derate even over extended use.

Reverse Osmosis Plants/RO Plants :

Dosing pump are compact, positive displacement pumps that are designed to pump an extremely accurate flow rate of chemicals or other substances into a water or gas stream.

These chemical dosing pumps work by taking a certain amount of liquid into the chamber and inserting the chemical into pipes or tanks that harbor the fluid that is being dosed. The pump is energized mainly by electric motors or an aeration actuating element and utilizes a controller than navigates the pumps (controls flow rate) and switches the power on and off. To learn more about the different types of chemical dosing pumps available within our stock, check out our selection down below.

Technical Specification:

1. Power Supply 230v AC, 50Hz
2. Power consumption at max. speed 40 Watt
3. Fuse 500mA / 230v Ac
4. Pump stroke per minute {adjustable} 120 Max
5. Negative Suction 1 Mtr
6. environment temperature 40’C Max
7. Capacity Max 50 Lph
8. Pressure Minimum 13 Kg