Automatic Multiport Valve For Water Softener


Automatic MultiPort valve

Traditional manual multi-port valves can be replaced by automatic ones. A simple adjustment to the settings using the remote control or keyboard, depending on the model, enables the system to automatically control the operation of a sand Filter / Activated Carbon Filter / Pre Treatment, thus saving users time and effort. Automatic multi-port valves can carry out the same processes as manual ones, but in a totally automated way once they have been programmed. Some valves come with a remote control and others with a keyboard.

It is important to bear in mind that if pool maintenance is done manually, the stopcocks must be opened or closed to carry out certain tasks. For instance, the sump’s stopcock must be opened to empty a pool. By contrast, if maintenance is done automatically, motorised stopcocks must be fitted that are connected to the multi-port valve so that it can open and close them whenever necessary. If an automatic valve is fitted without replacing the stopcocks, the valve will not be able to work in your pool.