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Monoblock Pump Types and Applications

The pumps which are used in areas like rural, urban, and industrial are called a monoblock pump. These pumps are extensively used from domestic to civil as well as used in industrial applications which include irrigation, agriculture, water supply for building, civil schemes, and water supply for the public, de-watering of mines & for numerous other industrial applications. These pumps are very famous due to their outstanding features like very simple to use, extremely fast, and scalable. This article discusses an overview of monoblock pumps.

 What is a Monoblock Pump?

Monoblock pump can be defined as the main mover of the pump namely the motor as well as the pump is assembled jointly within a similar shelter. This is one kind of mechanical device where a general shaft includes the revolving parts. The pump uses well as motor are connected together without using any coupling device in similar housing among the two shafts. As the name suggests mono means solo, whereas the monoblock pump means a pump unit that is inflexibly coupled to prime mover like a motor. The monoblock pump working principle is to avoid the transmission losses where the 3% losses within the coupling driven sets and the 7% of losses within belt-driven sets as well. There is no loss of energy while transmitting energy from the motor to the shaft. Generally, these pumps are installed close to the reservoir otherwise well.