Desalination Plants

Reverse Osmosis Plants/RO Plants :

seawater desalination plant has a wide use in the industry of drinking water. The brackish water of the seas, have to be purified before they are bottled and packed. We ensure that we use the best quality raw materials in the production process. Our plants are also designed, keeping in mind the international quality standards and norms. We also cater to their customized needs time and again. As a widely appreciated seawater desalination plant manufacturer, we ensure that are production processes are compliant to the international standards of safety and quality maintenance.

Seawater comprises 71% of the Earth and accounts for 97% of the total water in the world. We, at Saharaindustry, boast of years of experience and knowledge in desalination. We support various seawater desalination projects, both for governments and for other industries.

We are one such seawater desalination plant manufacturer, who employs various range of water treatment solutions and seawater desalination technologies.

Salient Features Of Our Plants

  • Heavy duty sediment pre-filter.
  • High quality glycerine filled pressure gauges.
  • Product and reject flow meters.
  • Permeate TDS monitor.
  • Low and high pressure switches.
  • High pressure pipes made of stainless teel.
  • Automatic feed shut off valve.
  • Microprocessor/PLC based control panel.
  • Premium sea water resistant pump, made of nickel-brass-bronze, protected by pulsation-dampener.


  • As already mentioned, seawater covers more than half of the earth. There is a great possibility of transforming this salty water to water fit for drinking. Thus people thought of desalinating this water, and devised sea water desalination equipments. Sea water desalination plants help in the pre-treatment process for the removal of salts and minerals from the seawater, using RO technology. These plants are manufactured sing the best quality raw materials and after manufacturing, it is ensured that all parameters are checked thoroughly.



    We have carved our niche in offering the best distillation plants to our clients all over the world. We are considered the best sea water desalination plant manufacturer because of the following features of our service:

    •  Easy to maintain.
    •  Consumption of less energy.
    •  High efficiency.

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