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Acrylic / Square Flow Meters | Best and No 1 In Quality

droplet acrylic square flow meter

Acrylic / Square Flow Meters rotameters are a type of flow meter that uses the variable area principle to measure the flow rate of liquids and gases. They are made of a clear acrylic tube with a tapered bore, and a float that is free to move up and down the tube. As fluid flows through the tube, the float rises until it reaches a point where the buoyancy force acting on it is equal to the weight of the float. The position of the float in the tube is then a direct measure of the flow rate.

Sahara Industry Offers a wide range of Acrylic / Square Flow Meters are highly accurate yet simple instruments that require no external power of any sort and fit seamlessly in any pipeline.

Droplet Acrylic / Square Flow Meters Body Tube Variable Area Flow Meters (Rotameters) are intended for general in line metering applications (i.e. for Gas & Liquid) where operating conditions are with the limitations of Acrylic Body metering tubes. These are the principle of Variable Area.

The float moves freely up and down tapered Acrylic body Tube with fluid flow from bottom to top. The float takes up a position where buoyancy forces and the float weight are balanced in proportion to flow rate. The Vertical position of the float as indicated by scale is the measure of the instantaneous flow rate.

Operating Principle of Acrylic / Square Flow Meters:

These Acrylic tube rotameters operates on the variable area principle of fluids.

The float in the tapered tube raises in proportion to the rate of fluid flow and stabilizes when the weight of the float is balanced by the upward hydraulic force.

There is negligible pressure loss through the meter.

Advantages of Acrylic / Square Flow Meters

Acrylic rotameters offer a number of advantages over other types of flow meters, including:

  • High accuracy: Acrylic rotameters are very accurate, with a typical accuracy of ±1% of full scale.
  • Simple operation: Acrylic rotameters are very simple to operate and require no calibration or maintenance.
  • Wide range of applications: Acrylic rotameters can be used to measure a wide range of flow rates, from very low to very high.
  • Durability: Acrylic rotameters are very durable and can withstand a wide range of operating conditions.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Acrylic rotameters are relatively inexpensive, making them a cost-effective option for many applications.


  • Durable, Highly Polished, One Piece Meter Body.
  • Easy to Read Direct Read Permanent Scale (GPM/LPM and SCFM)
  • Sturdy Adapters with High-Grade Viton® 0-Rings Seals.
  • 316SS Floats and Float Guides.
  • Bulkhead Nuts Attach Directly Inside Panel.
  • Separate Mounting Screws are Not Required.
  • Optional Adjustable Flow Control Valve.
  • Acceptable in Direct Sunlight Applications
  • Easy to Disassemble.

Technical Specifications:


Accuracy: +/- 5 % of Full Scale reading
Maximum Fluid Temperature: 93° C (200° F) @ 0 PSI
Maximum Working Pressure: 17.2 bars (250 psig) @ 21 ° C (70° F)
Maximum Pressure Drop: 0 PSI
Meter Body Material: Machined Acrylic
Adapters Material: Polypropylene
O-Ring Seals: Viton®
Guide Rod: 316 SS
Calibration Fluid: Water, Specific Gravity 1.0