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Air / Oxygen Flow Meters

Oxygen Flow Meter

These acrylic, block style flow meters are clear and one piece, with built-in, stainless steel flow-regulating valves suitable for air or oxygen. The scale reads in cubic feet per hour at standard pressure (sea level) and temperature (68°F, 20°C). Connections are 1/8” FNPT. Includes 1/4” inlet/outlet barb brass fittings. Every file mter is Calibrated.

Key Specifications/Special Features:


Type: Variable Area Air & Gas Flow Meters
accuracy:+/- 2%
medium : oxygen
body material : acrylic
float material: agate, SS, ABS
flow range:1-5 LPM, 1-10LPM, 1-15LPMetc
Max pressure: 150 PSI
temperature limited:0-60℃
Metal Parts: Stainless steal