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FilmTec Membrane

Sahara Industry - Premier FilmTec Membrane Manufacturer

FilmTec Membrane portfolio consists of separation-technology products that are highly effective in industrial, municipal, commercial, and consumer water applications.

The new FilmTec™ Prime RO brackish water reverse osmosis elements boost performance to a prime level while reaching an unparallel sustainability impact. Achieve reduced energy by up to 20% while improving the permeate quality by up to 60% with the new brackish water reverses osmosis elements for industrial applications.

Leveraging proven and highly effective technologies, such as reverse osmosis (RO) and nanofiltration (NF), FilmTec™ products reject more dissolved solids and organics, and use less energy to produce permeate, than typical elements.

From use in brackish water purification to specialty separations, elements in the FilmTec™ portfolio achieve high, yet cost-effective, performance through their ability to:

  • Tolerate a wide range of operating conditions.
  • Operate very efficiently at lower pressures.
  • Maintain excellent structural and pH stability.
  • Resist bacterial growth.
  • Produce excellent membrane flux and salt rejection.