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Ultra Pure Water Purification

Sahara Industry is an expert in providing standardized and customized UPW plants which supply a high form of purified water with resistivity or conductivity up to (<0.1 µS/cm). This becomes the highest standards of purification of water.

The complete In-House manufacturing allows us to customise and design the UPW Plants based on the range of factors like the characteristic of feed water, space available and the desired quality of the purified water. Our plants which supply UPW can be used in many industries such as the food industry, Beverages Industry, Cosmetic Industry, Textiles Industry, Pharmaceutical Industry etc.

The technologies we use to produce UPW such as RO, UF, and Ion exchange resins will cause many operational benefits. They reduce the operational and maintenance cost of UPW by eliminating the expensive chemical regenerations and maintain the quality of UPW with the fully automatic functional operation.

Sahara Industry has an edge over the ultra-pure water purification

We have been persistently preferred in the consumer market by consumers across to bring about the ultra-pure water purification systems with the standardised and customised ultrapure water (UPW) systems that encompass the industry-proven membrane and resin-based technologies.

The UPW Treatment  technologies incorporate the following components such as:

  • Pre-treatment of water depending upon the characteristics of water pre-treatment is selected such as Ultra-Filtration, Sand Media Filtration, Activated Carbon Filtration, Micron Filtration etc.
  • Reverse osmosis (RO): The dissolved particles in water such as salt are removed by RO and produce the quality of permeate water which has low TDS levels.
  • The Ozonator with advanced technology and UV kills the bacteria and viruses in water with 100% efficiency.
  • MBR Resins removes the ions present in the water and thereby produces UPW to the desired quality.

We are instrumental in customizing the UPW plants with reference to size and skid mounting, this fine detailing helps in enabling the efficiency of the plant in less space. Above all, customers need not worry about space constraints.

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