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Digital Flow Meter

Digital Flow Meter

Our Turbine Flow Meter has a flow sensor with a magnetic muti-bladed spinning rotor (impeller) mounted inside at right angles to the flow. The rotational speed of the impeller is proportional to the velocity of the fluid. The pulse generated is transmitted and converted into a volumetric measurement.


  • Digital flow meter measuring flow rate from 0.05m³/hr to 500m³/hr
  •  Combined indicator / Totalizer / Batcher / Rate switch / Pulsar mode
  •  Dual sensor, dual line, single meter, for RO applications
  •  Remote or local reset
  •  Optional computer interface with RS485 or 4-20mA output

Relay gets energized after a fixed quantity of water passes through the sensor. The batcher has
a auto reset, manual reset & dual relay operation facility. Batch quantity counts downwards till
zero value.

The relay is programmed to get energized whenever actual flow falls below the set value. Display
shows "LOW FLOW RATE". Ideal for flow interlock, chemical dosing.

Meter can be configured to any metering /dosing pump. Chemical dosing can be done on-line
proportional to flow.

The flow meter is available with data logger option where flow rate & total flow with date and time is stored in a 2GB Memory card.