What are iron removal filters? Different types of iron removal system processes


What are iron removal filters?

The Iron Removal Filters are manufactured mainly to remove the excess iron content in the water by using minimum pressure drop.

Working principle of iron removal filters:

Most iron removal filters work on the principle of oxidizing the iron (oxidation). So it can convert from a ferrous or dissolved to a ferric or undissolved state. When the iron is converted to a ferric state completely, it is scuttled on a filter bed.

For very low iron content in the water, the Filter contains Manganese Zeolite. The iron is oxidized to insoluble or undissolved hydrated oxides, removed by the Zeolite bed’s mechanical filtering action.

Different types of iron removal system processes:

Iron is one of the abundant elements available in the earth’s crust. So groundwater contains iron. It does not affect both human beings and the environment, but it changes the color of water, odor smell which may feel uncomfortable while drinking water. So it is important to remove iron from the water. The following are two types to remove iron from water. They are:

  • Chemical iron removal systems.
  • Biological iron removal system.

Chemical iron removal systems:

Iron is removed from water by creating an environment called oxidizing, but it should be very strong. It can be successfully created by using the aeration process. Add oxidants like chlorine, or else you can raise the PH range of water by using alkaline materials like limestone. Under these conditions, soluble ferrous iron is converted to ferric iron, forming a precipitate of insoluble iron hydroxide (Fe(OH)3) that filtration can remove. For many decades this process is adopted to treat groundwater throughout the world.

Biological iron removal systems:

Biological iron removal systems are among the best alternatives to Chemical iron removal systems for the past ten years. Microbiologists have discovered that certain bacteria have a strong capacity to oxidize and immobilize iron. bacteria play a key role in the whole process as natural inhabitants in the environment.

So microorganisms are necessary to start the process, and they are carried with the groundwater onto the filters. Then iron oxidizers require aeration to stimulate their growth, grows on the surface area of the filter bed like a slimy orange mat. So if it is in this bacterial activity zone, then the iron removal process appears to occur. Biological iron removal systems also conclude to everyone that the biological enchantment process is very efficient compared to the chemical iron removal technology.

Is iron in water causes any effect to human by consuming it?

Not at all. Iron in water does not affect humans and the environment too. It brings the only unpleasantness of an aesthetic and organoleptic nature. Iron also gives rust color to water sometimes. It also gives a metallic taste to water which seems difficult to drink.

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Iron removal filter systems are so helpful for removing iron from water.