Top questions you will have before purchasing water purifiers


Water purifiers are an important thing that every household needs.

It is because they purify bacteria, impure particles. So before purchasing water purifiers, you may have so many questions and doubt on your mind. If you are that one person who has a lot of those questions and doubts, read on this blog more to clear all.

Why choose a water purifier that water softer?

Water softeners and water purifiers purify the water, but water softeners filter hard water. Also, they are used for bathing, cleaning and washing.

Similarly, water purifiers are a purifier of drinking water. They are used for drinking and cleaning vegetables. So as you need to purify your drinking water, you need to choose a water purifier.

What is the price of water purifiers?

Prices are always based on the storage capacity and the brand you will choose.

Can I know the types of water purifiers?

Water purifiers are available in two different types. They are:

Electric water purifiers

Non electric water purifiers

Is a water purifier helps in preventing bad taste and smell?

Yes, water purifiers contain activated carbon filter that prevents bad taste and smell.

Why is my water purifiers not purifying correctly?

It may be because of the storage problem and your maintenance. If you use beyond the storage limit, you will obviously get impure water.

How do you choose the best manufactures of water purifiers?

Quality, prices, warranty are the three factors seen in the best manufacture company.

Can you say a few best features seen in the best water purifier?

The following are the few best features seen in the best water purifier:

Simple installation


Storage capacity

Purification technology

Can I know the life span of water purifiers?

We cannot predict the life span of water purifiers as it depends upon your maintenance and usage.

What should I do if I see leakage?

Firstly you need to switch off and unplug the power cable. Also, close your taps. Then check the fittings. Even if you do not find the problem, better approach the service centre.

Can I know the major advantages of a water purifier?

Majorly you will get safe water for drinking. Consuming safe water will not affect your health and wealth.

Is a water purifier removes natural minerals?

No water purifiers will not remove natural minerals from the water.

Why to test the water before installing water purifiers?

It is because you need to know how much impure water you are getting per day. So based on that, you need to fit a water purifier.

Are water purifiers are available at cheap prices?

Yes, water purifiers are available at cheap prices. But if you bought them, you need to re-invest your money in repairs and replacements as they do not work properly. So better to opt for worthy water purifiers.

Can I use water purifiers if I get a hard water supply?

If you have a hard water supply problem, choose water softeners rather than water purifiers.


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