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3672 FRP Pressure Vessel Top&Bottom

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Trusted Manufacturer of 3672 FRP Pressure Vessel with Top & Bottom Configuration

ALFA ≈ AEROSOL® 3672 FRP Pressure Vessels have been the industry standard for quality and performance for over 15 years. Featuring a one piece, seamless high density polyethylene liner and an encapsulated, leak free engineered polymer inlet, ALFA ≈ AEROSOL® Vessels are designed to provide you with years of worry free performance.

Salient Features

  • Pressure tanks are made of high performance Composite material with FRP filament winding.
  • Designed to withstand 250,000 times of cycle test from 10 psi to 150 psi withstanding pressure. Burst test to four times its operating pressure.
  • All pressure tanks, residential and commercial, are made by a complete seamless molding technology.
  • All thread inlet made from 30 % glass filled Noryl provides higher strength, temperature and pressure limits versus glass filled PE.
  • Liner wall thickness available from 5.0mm to 12mm corresponding to the tank diameter.
  • Top opening type available for 6” through 36”diameter pressure tanks; top and bottom opening type available for 14” through 36” diameter pressure tanks.
  • Reinforced composites are one third the weight of steel tanks.
  • All pressure tanks are 100% corrosion resistant.
  • Easy Installation and low maintenance.
  • Flange adaptors and reducers are available


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