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Membrane Housing

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ALFA ≈ AEROSOL Membrane Housings are manufactured over Procession mandrels, using a superior resin, resulting in the ultimate glassy finish inside the Membrane Housing. To fabricate ALFA ≈ AEROSOL Membrane Housings, Anu Advance Composite Products has carefully selected optimal grade raw materials, which provide strength, reliability, guarantee and unparalleled performance.

Our Membrane Housings are produced with 2.5” dia up to 2 elements, 4” Dia up to seven elements and 8” Dia up to seven elements with pressure rating from 300PSI to 1200 PSI. Sideport available in 8″ Dia Membrane Housing.

ALFA ≈ AEROSOL Membrane Housings are tested at factory at 1.5 times of its actual working pressure and these Membrane Housings are suitable to accommodate international standard makes of membranes. Life Cycle tests are conducted on every Batch.

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