Know more about water softeners – Signs that shows you need water softener


Water Softener:

A water softener is an updated method to remove hard water. In other words, hard water contains more calcium and magnesium, which affects household things and humans. So those effects are removed by the water softener process.

Working Principle:

A water softener works to treat hardness in water by removing calcium and magnesium ions through a process known as ion exchange. Calcium and magnesium ions can cause hardness and damage everything in the home, so they are trapped through resin within the system and exchange them with the necessary amount of sodium ions. Finally, you get soft water as a final output.

How to find that you need a water softener?

The following signs make you know that you need a water softener:

  • Mineral-like crust built up all around faucets.
  • If your white clothes are dingy or any colors fading unusually
  • Soap scum build-up in the sink or on any shower walls.
  • If all your appliances break down quicker than their exact life span.
  • Stiff clothing even after a load of laundry.
  • Irritated skin or itching or dry skin and hair loss after you are showering.

The life span of a water softener:

The life span of a water softener always depends on water hardness and your usage. We cannot identify the life span of the water softener because it may differ based on daily usage and depends on resin. If you carefully maintain resin, then the life span time of the water softener is long-lasting.

Before and after water story of a water softener:

Before the water softener process lime softening process is used, the lime softening method uses calcium hydroxide to remove all hardness ions in water by precipitation. Soft water is achieved by adding lime only in the form of ca(oh)2, which reacts with cations to remove the hardness of carbonate, then reacts with anions to replace these non- carbonates due to multivalent cation and calcium. The Lime softening method produces huge volume sludge, consumes more time, and very hard and complicated process.

To make a more flexible water softener method is introduced. It works more effectively than the lime softening process, and it consumes less time than the lime softening process. The water softening process is very easy.

Different ranges of water softening plants:

FRP water softeners are available up to 2000 mm in diameter.

MS water softeners are available up to 3000 mm in diameter.

MS rubber lined water softeners available up to 2000 mm in diameter.

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The water softener method is the only effective way to remove hardness from water, and it is the best solution for those who are facing problems with hard water.