Is the RO process helps to reduce higher TDS value in drinking water?



Usually, a person can leave without eating food, but he or she cannot leave without drinking water. So we ensure what we are drinking safe water. But it is wrong because our water contains harmful chemicals that our naked eyes do not see. So we need to check the TDS of our drinking. Even our WHO says that 50 to 150 ranges are acceptable for drinking. Now definitely, you will get a doubt of “what is TDS.” Read this blog you will know in-depth about TDS.

What is TDS in water?

TDS means the concentration of dissolved organic and inorganic substances in the water.  This value changes from place to place because containments also vary in particular regions.

Why should we need to measure TDS?

Water is a solvent, and it can dissolve chemicals. So need to check it better and also the following are the few reasons to measure TDS in the water:

For good health:

Drinking high TDS value water will not affect our health, but lead, copper in them will lead to several health issues.  It also makes your pocket empty as you need to pay more to hospitals.


TDS value also shows effects on the taste of your drinking water. You feel uncomfortable consuming water as it is a little bit salty and bitter. It is also, depending on your region.

Chart of TDS value for drinking water:

The following chart describes the TDS value suitable for drinking water.

  • Less than 50 are not accepted as it has no essential minerals
  • 50-150 Accepted for drinking.
  • 150-250 is acceptable, especially for people who have cardiovascular disease
  • 250-350 is Good and acceptable, especially for people who have cardiovascular disease
  • 350-500 is fairly accepted and preferred
  • 500-900 is ok to accept but less preferred.
  • 900-1200 is not acceptable.
  • 1200-200 water is not acceptable for drinking.
  • Above 2000 is not acceptable for drinking


How to reduce this problem?

You can reduce this problem with the various processes. The following are different processes helpful:

Distillation process:

You need to boil the water to produce water vapour in the distillation process. Then the vapour rises cool and comes back to liquid form.

Reverse osmosis process:

Reverse osmosis is an effective way to remove iron. It will pass water forcibly through a membrane. That membrane will only allow molecules smaller than 0.0001 microns. So that as final output, you will get purified water.


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