Is hard water is the reason for the dryness of the skin? || Best Solution for dryness of skin||



Almost 99.9% of people love their skin. Even we do not refuse to spend money on beautiful skin. But using expensive skin care products and taking expensive skin treatments are useless. Then you need to find your main problem, i.e. usage of hard water. You may feel a little bit surprised, but yes, hard water causes dry skin. It is because hard water contains an excess amount of minerals. So those excess minerals affect the skin. Read on this blog more to know the causes of dryness to your skin.

Now you may get a doubt like “what is hard water”?  Before going in-depth, let us see about it.

Hard water:

Water containing an overload of calcium and magnesium minerals is known as hard water. Depending upon the place, additional minerals like iron and high concentrated substances will also see along with calcium and magnesium.

Once again, you may get other doubts like “which country has this problem more?” Undoubtedly, we can see this problem mostly in India. Without a minute late, you will also get different reasons for skin dryness along with water problems. So let us see them.

Different reasons for dryness of skin:

Drinking water:

Most of us know our skin forms with cells. Those cells need sufficient water to work. But due to your busy schedules, we neglect to drink water. So it is also one of the reasons for dryness of the skin. You must drink at least eight glasses per day to reduce skin dryness. Even it is so useful to our body function.

Frequent washing of your face:

Most of us usually wash our face frequently with soaps and face washes for clean and clear skin. But we do not think that excess cleaning damages the skin’s natural oils. Better wash at least four times in a day. Try not to exceed more than four. Also, you can wash your face frequently with soft water, normally without soaps and creams.

Regular usage of very hot water for bathing:

One of the common things that most believe is that bathing with very hot water will reduce body pain and refresh us. But most of us do not know that regular usage of very hot water for bathing will damage the natural barrier in your skin. Also, we can lose the natural oils presents on the skin.

Over Exfoliating:

Exfoliating will clean our skin dead cells. But most of us do not know that over exfoliating will damage skin cells.

Hard water:

If the above mentioned problems are not the causes of dry skin, the root problem will be hard water usage. Excess calcium and magnesium will not wash your body, so soap scum leaves on the skin. So that will lead to skin dryness.

Obviously, you will get other doubts like what other factors make us decide about hard water in the home. So do not worry. You will get an answer to this doubt.

Other factors that decide about hard water supply to our home:

The following are the other factors that decide about hard water supply to our home:

  • Frequent repairs of the pipeline system and home appliance
  • Skin dryness and itching
  • Hair fall problem
  • Colour fade after washing the clothes
  • The roughness of clothes after washing.
  • Scale developing on the taps.

Now let us see how hard water affects the skin.

Effects of hard water on the skin:

As hard water has an excessive dosage of calcium and magnesium, it will make your skin dry and block the pores. So it will make the skin itchy. Even they react with soaps to form salts that remain on the skin pores. In the beginning stages, it will not affect. If soap scum is stagnant on the pores, it will dry the skin. It also causes acne, itching, allergies. Even same applies to clothes too.

Now let us see the best solutions for dry skin.

The best solution for dry skin:

The following are the best solutions for dry skin:

Regular usage of soft water:

Regular usage of soft water is one of the best solutions for dry skin problems. Get a test about the quality of water. If water is the main problem, better opt for water softeners and install them to help you clear your skin dryness and money.

Try to use warm water for bathing:

As hot water damages skins, then better opt for warm water usage. Warm water will keep your skin healthy.

Wash gently:

Always ensure to face your skin gently. So it will make your skin healthy naturally.

Try to wear long dresses while moving out:

Wearing long dresses will cover your skin completely so that harmful radiants will not affect you. Thus it will not make your skin dry.

Who will protect you from hard water?

Undoubtedly water softeners will protect from hard waters. Water softeners will convert the hard water to soft water. Beware of purchasing them.

Before purchasing water softeners, have a water test so that you can fix the suitable and best water softeners for your home. Using water softeners will help you a lot by reducing skin and hair problems. It also saves your penny without any frequent repairs and replacements. One more thing is that better to buy durable water softeners from the best suppliers, i.e. Sahara industry. It was one of the leading industries in India and aimed to provide quality water softeners.


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