Why Vacuum breaker is important for FRP pressure vessel ?

A vacuum breaker is an essential component for FRP (Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic) pressure vessels. FRP pressure vessels are widely used in various industries such as water treatment, chemical processing, and oil and gas because of their excellent resistance to corrosion and high strength-to-weight ratio. During the operation of an FRP pressure vessel, a vacuum can form inside the […]

Surprising reason for the white hair quickly

Both men and women love their hair and take so much care and even spend lots of money on it. But mostly there are getting hair color fade. You feel shocked if you know the reasons behind it. Are you the one having a white hair issue and searching for the right reasons? If yes, […]

Top 15 questions about iron removal filters

Are you looking for iron removal filters? But have many questions running while you decided to buy. Also, all those questions make you feel confused! If it is a big yes, have more attention to this blog to answer your questions and reduce confusion. Top 10 questions about iron removal filters: Can I know the […]

Why is your water softener producing hard water?

  Introduction: A water softener is one of the modern equipment seen in most houses to produce soft water. After a few months, 50% of the people get hard water. But how? Is it a problem with the water softener or a problem we created? Obviously, before purchasing, we research them and finally buy them. […]

How to protect your house from hard water?

Introduction: Today 80 to 90% of people in India face many problems with hard water. Water having an excess load of calcium and magnesium leads to hard water. These overloaded minerals and highly concentrated chemicals will affect you on appliances like washing machines, taps, pipelines, geysers, etc. Let us see the major problems that you […]

Why to choose droplet water softeners?

Introduction: A water softener is the soldiers to us and protects us from hard water. It also saves a lot of money without repairs, replacements. Obviously, there will be a lot of demand on the market for softeners. If there is a demand, many companies will grab this chance for growing their business. They will […]

Is the RO process helps to reduce higher TDS value in drinking water?

Introduction: Usually, a person can leave without eating food, but he or she cannot leave without drinking water. So we ensure what we are drinking safe water. But it is wrong because our water contains harmful chemicals that our naked eyes do not see. So we need to check the TDS of our drinking. Even […]

How Is Ozonator Used In Water Filtration?

SAHARA INDUSTRY has a wide range of Ozonators starts from 0.5 gram ozonator to 200 grams ozonators. We supplied number of ozonators to swimming pools, textile industries, pharmaceuticals and mineral water plants. Ozone has a greater disinfection effectiveness against bacteria and viruses compared to chlorination. In addition, the oxidizing properties can also reduce the concentration of iron, manganese, sulfur and reduce or eliminate […]

Characteristics and requirements of FRP membrane housing

Characteristics of FRP membrane housing made it special, and even small scale to large scale industries prefer FRP membrane housing for liquid treatment only because of its characteristics and performance.  In this article, We will explain about the characteristics, performance and requirements of FRP membrane housing. Characteristics of FRP membrane housings: The following are the […]