Applications of multi cartridges|| process to replace multi catridges||


In this blog, you will know applications of multi cartridge filters, when to replace and how to replace multi cartridges. Also, you need to know tips before buying multi cartridges; if you want to know about tips to buy multi cartridges, visit our previous blog.

Applications of multi cartridge filters:

The following are the applications of cartridge filters:

Water treatment plants

Pharmaceutical, food and other industries

In the fine filtration and sterilization process

Water, oil, ink liquid purification

Textile, printing and dyeing

Chemical industry

Reverse osmosis system

Ultrafiltration system

Industrial filtration

Solvent Filtration

When to replace your Cartridge Filter:

Filter cartridges are used in different industrial places to trap all contaminants and solid waste. These liquid filter cartridges need to replace when they reach pre-set differential pressure. Therefore, it is also very important to know when you need to replace the filter cartridge. The multi cartridges are provided with some general guidelines and suggest that how many days they can work. For example, suppose for every 30 days or 45 days based on the dirt holding capacity. The number of working days of a cartridge also depends on the concentration of those contaminants in the liquid.

The process to replace filter multi cartridges:

The following process is required to replace multi filter cartridges:

  • Shut down the system and depressurize it.
  • Open that air vent valve and the drain valve.
  • Clean that drain valve
  • Remove that housing lid.
  • Remove wing nuts and the alignment plate.
  • Carefully remove that springs from every cartridge filter top. Ensure that spring does not fall into that housing.
  • Carefully pull out that multi cartridge.
  • Check the housing if there is corrosion or dirt residue. So clean the housing if necessary.
  • Remove that protective covering of the new cartridge filters and fit it inside the housing.
  • Handle that cartridge carefully and place it in the housing using the alignment plate.
  • Once multi cartridges are in the correct place, reinstall all those springs, then the alignment plate and wingnuts.
  • Ensure all those fitments are in better condition and securely installed in that place.
  • Clean and lubricate that O ring and then replace the housing lid.
  • Screw that housing lid into place.
  • Close that drain valve
  • Purge air in that system by running water through that filter.
  • Close that air vent valve.


Follow the above guidelines carefully while replacing multi cartridges.