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Ozonators are devices that are meant for wastewater treatment and disinfection, and more specifically for decolorization, deodorization in water. In a technical sense, these devices also tend to disinfect air and water, further becomes instrumental in removing bacteria, and other contamination that produces unpleasant odours.

Ozonators uses ozone gas to clean the air through o3 ions. The O3 ions eliminate certain air born diseases, molecules and some specific odours from the air. They have also been found to disinfect the air and thereby making the air fresh and healthy to breathe.


Air Ozonator

DROPLET, the pioneers in “Ozone Technology” in India which is one of the most advanced ceramic coating technologies in the world proudly introduces – “Advanced ceramic electrode-based Ozone Generators”. DROPLET  is the only company in India to manufacture ozone generators based on ceramic electrodes which are manufactured in-house and not imported or bought out. DROPLET  has researched & developed the Ceramic Electrodes which are coated with D-Gun and which has the highest dielectric strength.