Myths about water softeners


Most people know about hard water and its adverse effects. Even those people know the solution for hard water, i.e. water softeners. But they do not purchase water softeners as they are a few myths in their mind.

Myths about water softeners:

Water softeners vanish essential minerals:

The above myth is the primary myth that most people believe. Hard water contains calcium and magnesium contents inorganic minerals with zero health benefits. Cells in your body find it hard to absorb mg+ and ca+. A water softener only removes ca+, mg+ and a few other harmful components, and they do not disturb the essential minerals.

Water softeners can waste vast amounts of water:

At the initial beginnings of water softeners, they may waste a lot of water, but you get advanced and efficient water softeners with the advanced era. It means the fault of consuming extra water is reduced in newly available water softeners. Also, you need to notice that “washing or cleaning using hard water will leave foam, and you need extra water to clean. Even you use extra hard water also no use.” When compared to that, it is ok to wastewater.

Water softeners are not affordable:

One of the myths still exists in every person about the price of water softeners. So let me discuss in-depth suppose if you have problems with hard water and spend a lot of your investment on your health, clothes, repairs and replacements. Trust me, spending on water softeners is less than all those expenses. A water softener is a one-time investment if you use it correctly and maintain it well.

Water softeners will produce hard water too:

Mainly water softeners are designed to produce soft water by removing hardness from water. But still, if you’re getting hard water, you’re not maintaining your water softener well. Also, you may be brought qualityless water softener. It’s not a fault with water softeners, but it is your fault.

Automatic water softeners may have errors:

It was one of the foolish myths that most people believe. But the fact is that before launching any product to a market, they must be certified and verified by the concerned departments. If they say it is perfect, then they can launch t market. If they reject it, they are not supposed to launch them. So do not worry they are verified before launching to market.

Using “NaCl” is unhealthy:

Consuming water with minerals like lead, calcium, and magnesium may seriously affect your health. Similarly, consuming a small amount of salt through water may not affect your health. Also, the quality of salt may depend upon the hard water your use daily.

Soft water can damage the skin:

99.9% of the people feel slimy and smooth when they use soft water for the first time. But the fact is that they use hard water for many months or years. Hard water leaves leather that leads to roughness. Soft water will help you promote good skin but does not damage the skin.

Maximum time investment for manual water softeners:

If you are busy and have no time to check, do not worry, as you can replace your manual water softeners with automatic water softeners. You can happily have your time on other things as automatic water softeners automatically do it works.

Frequent replacements of resin beds:

It is one of the false rumours spread around the world. Changing resin beds depends upon your usage of water maintenance, and you need not change resin beds frequently.

Manual water softeners have more disadvantages:

Manual water softeners do not contain any disadvantages because they also can produce soft water. But when it compares it with automatic water, it may have few but not all. Working is the same in both, but the basic difference is that.

Water softeners can remove harmful bacteria and viruses:

100% it is false. Water softeners are an ion exchange process that removes only the overloaded mg+ and ca+. But it does not remove harmful bacteria and viruses.

Cities may not require any water softeners:

Yes, it is true when you are not in a hard water region. But if your area gets hard water, you may need a water softener. Hard water cannot be soft water when you live in the city.

Soft water gets when water softeners work 24/7:

People believe that water softeners should work 24/7 to get soft water. So if it is on 24/7, it also consumes a lot of electricity. But it is false. Now the advanced water softeners can know when you are using it, and if you are not using it, it automatically regenerates the water softeners. Even the consumption of electricity is also less.

Block salts cost more:

Yes, block salts cost more but do not worry! Because latest water softeners work effectively using tablet salts. Tablet salts are easily available and cost less but work more effectively.

Soft water does not rise off soap:

It is a false rumour because people have used hard water for many years. When suddenly they change to soft water, they feel like that, but it is their best option to use soft water.

Municipal water does not need water softeners:

The municipal water you are getting today is almost 95% of hard water. Yes, it is true based on much research. So definitely, you require water softeners if you are getting municipal water.

Salt-free water softeners are best for health and to use:

The primary purpose of water softeners is to remove excess ca+ and mg+, but these “salt free water softeners” are temporary, and they cannot remove ca+ and mg+ accurately.


The entire above mentioned are false rumours. Every house, especially those suffering from hard water, needs water softeners. Also, you need the best water softeners, i.e. droplet water softeners by the Sahara industry, for durability. Sahara is the leading water treatment product industry with 25 plus years of experience, and the right water softeners can work effectively. So Sahara industry is the right place to buy the right water softeners.