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FRP Pressure Vessel

FRP Pressure Vessel are an ideal choice for residential and light commercial water treatment applications that require flexibility. They are easy to handle and install and are available in standard polyester or chemical-resistant vinylester construction depending on your needs.


FRP pressure vessel are a popular choice for various industrial applications due to their excellent strength, durability, and resistance to corrosion. These vessels are made of high quality fiber-reinforced plastic (FRP) material, which makes them lighter and easier to install than traditional metal vessels. Moreover, FRP pressure vessels require less maintenance and have a longer lifespan than metal vessels, making them a cost-effective option for businesses. With their numerous advantages, it’s no wonder why FRP pressure vessels are becoming increasingly popular in the industrial world. If you’re looking for a reliable and efficient pressure vessel for your business, consider investing in an FRP pressure vessel.


  • Certified to: NSF/ANSI/CAN-61, IS09001, CE, PED.
  • Pressure tanks are made of high performance Composite material with FRP filament winding.
  • Designed to withstand 250,000 times of cycle test from 10 psi to 150 psi pressure.
  • Burst test to four times its operating pressure.
  • All pressure tanks are made with complete seamless moulding technology.
  • Thread inlets used are made with 30% glass filled Noryl provides higher strength, temperature and pressure limits versus glass filled PE.
  • Liner wall thickness is available from 5 mm to 12 mm corresponding to the tank diameter.
  • Top opening FRP is available in 6” to 36”diameter pressure tanks; top and bottom opening type available in 14” through 48” diameter pressure tanks.
  • Reinforced composites are one third the weight of steel tanks.
  • All pressure tanks are 100% corrosion resistant.
  • Easy Installation and low maintenance

Operating Conditions:

Operating Pressure: 150psi { 1Obar)
Operating Temperature: 1-49°C {34-121°F)
Burst Pressure: 620psi   {42bar)
Max. Vacuum: 127mm Hg

Are Fiberglass Tanks More Effective Than Steel Tanks?

When contrasted to steel tanks, Pentair fiberglass tanks offer outstanding value. A fiberglass tank weighs about 4 times less than a steel tank, making the setup quicker and more efficient while also reducing expenses in the long term. Our fiberglass tanks are also less expensive than steel tanks since they are sturdier and have a longer lifespan.

These tanks can provide secure and reliable containment underneath the surface of the ground since they are made of a stronger and more resilient substance than other materials. Fiberglass tanks work well in handling corrosive water such as seawater and low pH water.

Our FRP Pressure Vessel Sizes 

We have a large selection of FRP Pressure Vessels with capacities ranging from 2.3-48 gallons.

FRP Pressure Vessels come in various sizes, with diameters ranging from 6” to 63” and standard epoxy. In the case of a large order, we may also make Pressure Tanks to the customer’s specifications. Both a single top opening and a top and bottom opening are available from the manufacturer.