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FRP Mixed Bed Vessel

FRP Mixed bed vessel work as a polishing unit in all water treatment plants where high purity water of less than one conductivity is required.

We offer FRP Mixed bed vessel commonly know as MB vessels from 30 ltr to 3000 liters capacity.
the vessels are manufactured using international standards like BS4994, EN13121 etc.

All FRP MB (MIXED BED) vessels can be customized for sight glass, manhole, handhole, middle collector opening.

These FRP mixed bed vessels are offered in standard 6 bar and 10 bar pressure ratings.

Salient features of DME FRP Mixed bed vessels

  1. Light in weight
  2. FRP (Vinyl Ester) construction for corrosion-free service
  3. No metallic part
  4. Sight glass, threaded, flanged opening customization possible
  5. Body flanged design can be offered
  6. Skirt type support
  7. Smooth external finishing
  8. specially designed sight glass to ensure no resin deposition
  9. can be offered with UPVC/CPVC piping, ejectors, acid & alkali storage tanks