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Filtration Systems

FRP Bag Filters

Droplet BF are bag filter housings made up of FRP and offer excellent resistance to Corrosion, UV, and atmospheric oxygen. These housings are unaffected by chemicals, hence are ideal solutions for seawater and corrosive fluids applications. Droplet BF is highly recommended for use in the electronic industry, sewage treatment, beverage, foods, pure water treatment and home water purification equipment, and many more….



Disk Filter

Suitable for use as a primary filtration device in small farm holdings. Made from special, chemically bonded polymer for durability. Easy to install and low maintenance.




High Flow Filtration Systems

Sahara Industry’s corrosion resistance and high flow rates have brought this filtration concept to a wide range of industries, including electronics, oil & gas, chemicals, pharmaceutical, food & beverage, desalination etc. Sahara Industry is widely used for particulate filtration in the pretreatment for RO systems.
Sahara Industry housings are 8” diameter FRP housings with a rugged construction that secure long-lasting performance. They deliver superior flow rates and are a cost-effective alternative to steel equivalents.


Multi Cartridge Filter