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SAHARA INDUSTRY is a developer and manufacturer of quality Components for a variety of industrial applications; Water Treatment, Effluent Water Treatment, Chemical, mining, pharmaceutical, steel industries, process and environmental monitoring, waste water treatment, water control systems, green houses, irrigation, fisheries and aquaculture.

Day by day our organization developed in to multiple product manufacturing company through customer satisfaction at production of quality products at reasonable price. Due to the utmost important area of water pollution and water treatment, our group entered into Water Treatment about 20 Years Back.

The company’s vast know­how in the area of plastics processing and a drive for precision quickly led to the establishment of a solid reputation in various branches. Using numerous ideas, tools, Technology SAHARA INDUSTRY has been producing different parts and products from thermoplastics. Consistent product and manufacturing management ensures a systematic continuing development of the wide range of products.

“QUALITY DOES NOT MEAN PAYING MORE” remains our key motto and we at SAHARA INDUSTRY strive to achieve the same without compromise on the quality Factor.

Sister Concern Companies

AG ENGINEERS is a professionally managed organization established in 2001.This is a group of dedicated engineers in to designing, manufacturing and marketing some of the most recognized and trusted appliances in field of water filtration components mainly RO Plants for at-most customer satisfaction with reasonable rates. Our origin is that about 30 years back this group was started in a simple way producing and supplying Submersible pump set and related products.

Day by day our organization developed in to a multiple product manufacturing, company through customer satisfaction at production of quality products. Due to the at-most important area of water pollution and water treatment our group entered into water treatment industry about 16 years back.

All the products are reliable, efficient, cost effective and user friendly.

ANU ADVANCE COMPOSIT PRODUCTS PVT LTD is a Sister concern company. It was established in the year 2005. This company has been involved for several years in Manufacturing & supplying a High Quality ‘FRP Pressure Vessels’ ‘FRP Membrane Housing’ with Brand Name ‘ALFA≈AEROSOL’.

ARDIS ENVIRO SOLUTIONS is one of the prominent manufacturers of paddle wheel aerators in India. We are associate partner of group of companies dealing with industrialplastic, Pumps, Motors, Gear Boxes and Automation industry. We are equipped with latest research facility and highly advanced precision machinery to produce aerator parts developed indigenously replacing products of highly priced and foreign collaborated companies.

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Sister Concern Companies

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